Latest release available 👏


Take advantage of V3 improvements !


🔹Fixed API long boot times

🔹Stability improvement over thousands of running sessions in a row

3.0.1 🏖 Summer fixes (and BIG speed optimizations on “browser” robot)

🔹Fixed format issues on switch / edit

🔹Possible memory leak fixed in browser robot

🔹New toolbox panel sizes remain saved between toolbox sessions

🔹Format and locator forms fixes

🔹Long runs are now cancelable

🔹Browser sessions can now be kept among runs, and multiple profiles can be used by naming sessions in Advanced settings

🔹Nested elements with empty selector fixed (browser)

🔹External libraries can now be injected (browser)

3.0.0 - BETA (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

🔹New and old toolbox are now available. Just change platform to “Browser” to switch to new one.

🔹Eyerobot has now fully standalone drivers, not relying on third party libraries. It means we can now improve our solution as users suggest 🎉 !

🔹Many fixes were made on tab management

🔹Firefox and Chrome are now natively supported.

🔹Human behaviour can be achieved on any browser at job (Settings > Advanced) or action levels

🔹Scroll was improved

🔹New native gRPC communication boosts display and robot performances

🔹You can now choose a custom provider for your robots. Contact us for more information

       🔸OVH (supported, default)

       🔸Scaleway (testing)

       🔸AWS (coming soon)

       🔸GCP (coming soon)

       🔸Azure (coming soon)

🔹New API endpoints let users :

       🔸take full control of any worker

       🔸subscribe to real time events like logs, data, files and display

       🔸start and stop interactive workers of any type

🔹API detects now if a locator should be inherited or absolute. Value still can be forced

🔹Users can now zoom or dezoom in TB

🔹JSON and TXT file parameters added

🔹Separator can be set when CSV file param is used

🔹Repeat on can now be done on a variable (for example a CSV file can be iterate through params.myParamName pointing on a CSV file)

🔹Settings were added to new Toolbox

🔹When applying settings in toolbox, they are immediatly applied. Even if startUrl changes.

🔹Screenshots are no longer necessarily saved in the /screenshot directory. Default value continues to point to it.

🔹Errors can now be ignored

🔹Users can copy selected text from toolbox to their clipboard using “copy” button

🔹It’s easier to cancel a running session

🔹Eyerobot can now automate any software (not only browsers or Android). Please contact us for such needs